1. My latest creation of Rogue’s Dead Guy Ale! I was focused on making those banners super great that I didn’t take into account that the SUPER LIGHT PINK CHALK would NOT LOOK REAL GREAT on it especially WHEN PHOTOGRAPHED, but oh well. The banners look gorgeous and it was a fun one to do.

  2. Been listening to I Wanna Get Better a lot lately and this short lived doodle came out. Might return to it if my obsession continues.

  3. Finished that thing! People that come into my restaurant had a dog that passed away recently and they asked if I’d do a drawing of her. I normally don’t draw dogs or do any sort of commissions, but I accepted and after a few months of crazy school schedules and busy vacation, I got it done and I’m pretty happy with it.

    They only gave me one picture and told me she likes snow, so I added some snow on her nose how dogs do that. Cutie.

  4. Working on a thing…

  5. Well that just happened.

  6. Two more beer boards! Featuring the Founder’s All Day IPA and Allagash’s lovely woodcut logo.


  7. An Open Letter to RandomPictureBlog

    Hey randompictureblog,

    I don’t know if you were that follower that stopped following me. I don’t know if you read my letter and wanted to restore the wonder of the universe. I don’t know if you just randomly found my blog as you randomly post pictures to yours. I don’t know if you’re also a bot that just had impeccable timing.

    But you have restored order to the universe and now I can continue to pretend to be an adult on the outside while retaining my unfortunately amused youth on the inside.

    You’re a hero.




  8. An Open Letter to the Person who Most Recently Stopped Following Me


    I totally respect your decision to unfollow me on Tumblr. It happens. Sometimes we start following people and then they don’t do the kinds of art you expected. Maybe you were a bot or something weird and you just gave up because I’m not a sucka. Maybe you just want me to pay more attention to you and this is a passive aggressive move you hope will pay off. (It won’t.)

    Whatever your reason is, it’s fine.

    What’s not fine is now when I visit my dashboard, I now have 68 followers thanks to you.


    You have deprived me of the 11-year-old boy’s bliss of giggling at a stupid number every time I visit Tumblr. Gone are my days of immature chuckling, of the contentedness only numerical symmetry can bring someone with partial OCD, of hoping the joy of sexual innuendo would grace my life just a little while longer.

    But no! Those dreams are dashed! Gone! Sure, you say, I can gain another follower to go back up, BUT WHO KNOWS WHEN THAT WILL HAPPEN. Followers are precious and not to be taken for granted, and I should know. I’m writing you this letter.

    Would I be equally upset had I gained a follower to bump me up to 70? Maybe! Maybe not, because then I’d be one step closer to becoming INTERNET FAMOUS (tm) instead of one step back. It’s all just terribly unfortunate.

    In closing, Person who Most Recently Stopped Following Me, I’m not mad, just incredibly disappointed that a little magic has gone from the world, perhaps never to return.



  9. I’ve been partially obsessed with Twitch plays Pokemon the last couple days so… naturally it came to drawing the current party before they lose anyone else to the PC release function.

  10. Here’s the valentine I made for my students that I want to share with all of you!!! Have a spectacular Valentine’s day, whether you are hanging out with your best bros, having a romantic night with your significant other, or even doing nothing! Whatever you do is great, just as long as it’s awesome and it makes you feel awesome.

    You should be doing awesome things with awesome people that make you feel awesome all the time, but make sure you do it today as well. No exceptions! Life’s to short to not enjoy the things in your life, so do your best to make sure the things you keep in your life are things you want and things that make you feel good. Sometimes it takes a lot of work to get to that place, but man oh man is it worth it.

    In the meantime, I will be eating the chocolates my dad sent me for Valentine’s day because damn they’re delicious.


  11. I saw some people on twitter drawing themselves as Sailor Scouts and I bit.

    I always used to watch Sailor Moon before school when I was a kid (along with Monster Rancher/Pokemon/Garfield and Friends, depending on the year) and it’s always something I’ve been meaning to get back to as an adult (even though I hear the English version is pretty silly with a lot of translation things) or eventually, even.

  12. Return of the Adventure Time themed brunch board! I thought Finn would look cute as a waiter type and boy was I right.

  13. Some of my lil illustrations from the silly birthday story we wrote for the birthday bro (featured in glasses) that I was really happy with.

    The story was BASICALLY loosely based on the Snow Queen (fun fact: none of us involved with writing/arting have seen Frozen) and then turned into a weird bout of Olympic events and that’s all the context you need!

    My personal favorite is the HA HA SUCKAAAAAA picture.

  14. Recently designed a lot of outfits for a silly birthday story! Here is my adorable winter get up, colors included.

    I need that scarf.

  15. Oh no I did some really cute doodles of Mutemaster and Noisemaster from Cucumber Quest. Might take that second one and color it like a champion if I get some time because it’S THE CUTEST BRO THING I’VE DRAWN IN FOREVER.

    This is also a friendly reminder to read Cucumber Quest by Gigi D.G.