1. Oh no Rory didn’t make it? :,(

    Unfortunately no, had to trade in for a lease car today. Poor guy has a head gasket that was going to go sooner than later and the money to repair and maintain those repairs are not even worth it. So here we are.

    The (relative) upside is that I now have a black 2015 Honda Fit that I’ve named Nick Car-away. He will never replace Rory, but he seems like a gOOD FIT AND I CAN MAKE SO MANY JOKES ABOUT IT NOW.

    So here’s to new carventures with this new weirdo.

  2. Said goodbye to a good friend today.

  3. This seems really unfortunate in a murdery way, Nikki.

  4. spoopy new twitter avatar oooOOooooOOoOOoOoOOOOoooo

  5. DID YOU KNOW I MAKE ART STILL? I totally do. Teachin and artin like a boss.

    So hey wow, a good ol’ friend of mine directed me to Pseudonym Jones' Smash Bros Zine and suggested I make a piece.

    What a guy! (But seriously, he’s a good pal, good at makin jokes.)

    Super Smash Bros has always been one of my favorite games. In a family with 8 other cousins, family get-togethers and holiday parties meant going down to the basement and trying to best each other in Mario Kart, Mario Golf, or Smash Bros until it was time to go home.

    After rarely playing Smash Bros on the 64, I committed myself to learning Kirby in Melee. He was cute, made cute noises, could easily fly back to the stage if you got knocked out too far, and I could make him blue if I wanted. It was a win-win situation for this 14-year-old.

    Like most 14-year-olds, my initial play style was as expected as you’d guess: I’d fly over my opponents and try to crush them using the Down+B move. When you’re playing against two of your oldest, Smash Bros veteran cousins, this strategy falls through pretty quickly. I was lucky if I KO’d them once or twice in a stock battle with 5 lives.

    The worst part of this strategy was if I missed, I would STAY AS LITTLE ROCK KIRBY FOR AS LONG AS I COULD since my cousins would be waiting and charging up their moves to pummel me off the side of the screen once I reverted to standard Kirby.

    Since those days, I’ve moved on to main Sheik, but Kirby will always hold a special, adorable blob-shaped spot in my heart.


  6. I took some nice beer related pictures at work last night! A friend of the restaurant has started growing his own hops to sell and they SURE ARE REAL PRETTY.

  7. I haven’t baked in a long time, mostly because I rent out a room in a Victorian house and don’t find myself spending as much time in the kitchen… But when I do, you bet your ass I’m going to make something ridiculous and delicious.

    Monday marked our going away potluck for a fellow teacher, and as I panicked over what to make for this thing that would be delicious and summery, I had forgotten that these cookies had once upon a time popped up on my dash. While the recipe calls for a “deep dish” cookie pan, you can still make them if you don’t. I did as the recipe suggested and used my 1/3 cup to mold the cookies, and they ended up a really nice thickness. Best of all, they all got eaten and I didn’t have to worry about taking home any left over cookies… Even if I wouldn’t have minded that.

  8. Really really really out of practice on any kind of architectural drawing, but did this while I was  visiting Pittsburgh last week because Gothic cathedrals are too gorgeous not to draw.

  9. Working on something semi secret for a friend! To uphold secrecy, here is a picture of my monitor I took with my phone so the image is encrypted by the screen texture. I’m good at computers.

    I keep tweaking things little by little, so I doubt this image will look the same by the time I’m done here…

  10. Practice practice practice

  11. I’ve been toying with the idea of teaching a writing elective next year, and my thoughts have pointed to students writing and amassing works in a small collection that they will format into a chapbook. It’ll be a lot of writing with a healthy portion of art and formatting!

    I personally have never made a chapbook and know that our school has a incredibly modest budget, as most schools these days do… But because we are a partially state funded charter school, sometimes our budget ends up in the red in spite of our donation total. With that in mind, I had to carefully consider the resources that would go into making this book and the school already has a majority of the resources to make this! I used thumb tacks to punch the holes in the “spine”, binder clips to hold the pages in place while I stitched them together, and used regular printer paper and ink that students would at the very least have access to at school. If not, this project could absolutely be done by hand… It will take a while longer, especially if the student makes mistakes.

    The only other resources needed are…

    • Embroidery needles ($1.70 for 12 at Walmart)
    • Waxed thread ($2 for unscented waxed dental floss at Walmart)
    • Thicker paper for an actual cover (~ $5 for something like watercolor paper or bristol board, not pictured)

    Realistically, if I had a class of 20 (full size for us) this project would cost less than $15 to execute and be a really worthwhile skill for students to learn in terms of curating a collection of works they make and presenting them in a professional fashion. I just hope they don’t try to stab each other!

  12. Thinking about growing up playing soccer lately… More to come.

  13. Newest completed chalkboard of Downeast Cider, and one of my first chalkboards where I didn’t just recreate the logo in chalk! I did have a photo reference of the tap handle that I used but otherwise a lot of this was all brain power.

  14. FAB.

    Gotta love drawings super voluminous hair, so fun.

  15. Did some quick lines of that cockatoo guy and dang does this look nice lined good job, me.